What really is your attitude?

What might be a good attitude? What might be a good intention to have? Does the right attitude be the good attitude after all?

There are millions of articles and videos online that speaks of attitude and how to really carry the attitude in our daily life. Some ask for a more aggressive “go get it” attitude while some layout a more laid out attitude of peace and relaxation – almost asking to manifest the things that we want. What might be the right one to carry? Often the easiest attitude that we have seen around is the one that involves minimum conflict – “I don’t want any fighting around me”.

In our everyday talk, when people show a mean face, we say that person is showing an attitude. This is often seen in the Fashion space where girls don’t smile and show anger – which we often just call attitude.

Think about it – everything in life is an attitude.

Definition of attitude – Merriam Webster Dictionary

1the arrangement of the parts of a body or figure 

2a position assumed for a specific purpose (a threatening attitude)

3a ballet position similar to the arabesque in which the raised leg is bent at the knee

4aa mental position with regard to a fact or state (a helpful attitude)

ba feeling or emotion toward a fact or state (a negative attitude, an optimistic attitude)

So, we can see that attitude is more or less a position that we take about an issue or an object. It is where we stand with regards to something. Attitude is all about positioning – it may seem.

We could have an attitude towards religion, academics, politics and anything else about life. We could also have an attitude towards daily events and not so important things as well. Knowingly or unknowingly we may have an attitude towards everything that we see around us.

So, that calls for something.

What should really be our attitude towards life in general. It all starts with the smallest matter. Someone did not smile at us, someone treated us wrong, someone praised us for something, someone did not acknowledge our hard work, someone really got surprised about a normal thing that we did and called it a “great talent” – what is our attitude about the smallest things in life?

Eastern religions say have a neutral attitude about everything. Buddhism recommends the middle path – not here, not there. Just on the middle. Some people call that the “balance”. We take good and the bad, we take the beautiful and the ugly. We recognise everything. We see everything and decide to stay somewhere in the center. We don’t call something good, nor we call them bad. They just are. They just be.

Can we have an attitude of not judging and just perceiving. Stay detached almost. I don’t really bother too much on which side I am. But, can you really stay in the middle path after all?

In such a case, someone who is having a calm face – neither smiling, nor frowning – a face with attitude?

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