What causes our Spiritual Inclination or lack of it?

We have heard people blame their life circumstances for not reaching high goals. We have heard excuses for not becoming rich, for not inclined to study culture, for not feeling like being spiritual, for not inclined to listen to great teaching and so on. Probably we are also part of this group that is not inclined to learn truth that helps understand the meaning of life. What could be the reason behind this?



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Our past and future births

Bhagavad Gita claims our present life circumstances is a result of deeds of our past life. Also, our future births (if any) is dependent on our present deeds. If we are naturally attracted to objects of desire, means of quick entertainment, celebrity gossip and such material, it is due to the conditioning of many past lives. There are children who are prone to listen to Vedas and deal with Philosophy with ease in certain families. They must have dealt with learning and philosophy in past lives. We have seen very talented children in the field of music, arts and sports. Very few years of coaching and practice may not produce such great results quickly. There must be some seeds sown from their past lives that lead to such excellence.   

Two Kinds of Karma

There are two kinds of Karma (Actions) – “Sakama Karma” and “Nishkama Karma”. Sakama Karma are those actions done with a result in mind. Many of us perform actions with an intention to get rich and enjoy pleasures. Present day culture emphasises on hard work that produce riches and comforts in the future. Those who work with the intention of reaching these comforts take birth in rich families of good culture in their future lives. Richness and Abundance is seen as a Blessing in Indian Culture. Learned beings acknowledge this blessing and live accordingly.

Nishkama Karma is that kind of actions done with no special future intentions. This action is based on living in the present moment with no expectations or thoughts. The result of such actions is peace of mind and blissfulness of life at present. People who perform Nishkama Karma in this life is born into families that value knowledge, insight, meditation and learning in the future. You may even finish the Samsara of Life and Death with Nishkama Karma, as the meaning of life is understood and the challenge of life is solved.   

Naturally Spiritual Beings

The beings who have learned scriptures and realised the secrets of spirituality in the past life need not relearn the entire truth again. There are many among us who need not spend too much time with books or teachers to realise the essence of truth. It comes naturally to us, as if we had known this truth before. Such beings are attracted to silence, meditation, chanting and soothing music. They may have dealt with more aggressive lifestyle in the past, following the trends of the world. But, once the discovery of spirituality dawns on them, the old habits and tendencies are easily left behind.

The naturally spiritual being is attracted to texts that talk about the meaning of life and techniques to attain complete perfection in this very birth. They may not be too bothered about the concept of past and future lives, as they are content and satisfied with the peace they have achieved in this very birth. They may be rich and prosperous, but detached from all the riches. Money is a tool in their hands rather than a means of defining who they are. We have often heard of people as “He is Mr. X and he drives a Mercedes”. The car here defines that person. But, such definitions are shallow.

Brave and Optimistic

The naturally spiritual being tends to see the positive aspect of life and are not blind to the negatives. They tend to see that life will eventually turn out to be good. But, they also acknowledge areas that need improvement. It is rather unintelligent to not recognise broken parts of life such as sickness, debt, failures etc. and then work upon these areas. Such beings are brave to follow a disciplined life when the whole world screams sensory enjoyment of wealth. It requires a lot of bravery to walk a path of principles and ethics when it is easy to enjoy life otherwise.

Are you a naturally spiritual being?

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