Waking up from the Brainwashing

I am well into my 30s now. Quite some time that I have been on this planet in this life time to call myself young and budding. I was actually budding for quite a period before. I have come one circle right now to see what has been happening around.

Consider the music that is considered hip and cool maybe in the early 2000s by college students. Metal, Rock and Roll, some hip hop and that general direction was quite celebrated during that time period. We considered the ones who listened to that form of music as progressive and intelligent maybe. No doubt, some music was really intelligent and progressive. But, what has happened is a massive brainwashing all around the world with the bad energies that was present in those music.

I was trying to listen to some Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit right now. They were quite cool and cute some 15 years back to me. But, the lyrics seem quite rebellious and helpless to say. Why should young people be so rebellious, angry and helpless at the world in such a sharp manner. Listen to any band and there is a lot of anger and raw energy that is being wasted. Too much anger at the world around them. The whole generation was made to be angry instead of accepting the world around them with more sanity.

What seems to be the result now. Worldwide depression. People are generally sad and lost. The kids that are in their early 20s and late teens seem to be really disconnected with humanity in many ways. All the rap at Millennials and Generation Z is coming up now. Who is to blame? What was the energy of the world till then? What were we really seeing till then in the world? This is quite something to look at now.

Look at the previous 10 years and what media we have been consuming. Internet, TV, Radio or any other media that we choose is really disrespectful now. No one really cares about going deep or keeping quiet. Everyone has been asked to voice their opinion like this is their most important right. Maybe my writing this post is also practically in that direction. I am also expressing an opinion with no filters. Where does this lead us? Are we really moving towards healthy means of living in some way?

Yes, there is good media too. There is of course a lot of good music as well. If you wish to rewire your brain in positive ways towards light and love, there are means to do that consciously. All the major speeches in the world are available at a click. All the best literature is available on Amazon. At quite a cheap price also. If you wish to really wake up, there are alarm clocks all around you, ticking for your convenience. But, what about all the damage that has already been done before us?

So, do you really wish to wake up? Do you feel waking up from all this noise is possible today? Do you really think that can happen so fast? What would really be needed?

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