Vedic Gods of our Body Organs

The parts of our body are sacred. There is a Deva Sankalpa (Divine Invocation) in each part of our body. An understanding of the Vedic Gods that are associated with our organs and the mind will help us respect ourselves better.

Sense Organs

  1. God of Ears – Akasha (Dik Devatha)
  2. God of Eyes – Sun
  3. God of Nostrils – Ashvini Kumaras
  4. God of Tongue – Varuna
  5. God of Skin – Vayu

Motor Organs

  1. God of Speech – Agni
  2. God of Hands – Indra
  3. God of Legs – Vishnu
  4. God of Anus – Yama
  5. God of Sex Organs – Brahma


  1. God of Conscious Mind – Moon
  2. God of Subconscious Mind – Achyutha (Vishnu/ Krishna)
  3. God of Intellect – Chaturmukha
  4. God of Ego – Shiva

This shows that Divinity is right within us, as mentioned by our ancestors.


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