The way we wake up

We have all been thrilled by certain political movements, social movements and religious movements at various points of time and follow them with a lot of passion.

Personally, I have been thrilled by various ideas and concepts in my life – at various points and really followed them, thinking that will be the final answer that I seek in life. Funny enough, there was a time that I thought Rock Music was the final answer – to express the aggression and bring out the pent up energy all lying within yourself. But, beyond a particular age, you mellow down and suddenly feel why this music can’t inspire me anymore. Hollywood ideas seemed to feel fantastic as well – with all the great concepts and things they presented through their larger than life heroes as well. But, after a while, the everyday and the mundane felt like the answer that we all seek.

The age we live in right now feels like quite a loaded one. I don’t think 15 years ago, we talked so much about religion and politics as we speak today. Look at the facebook posts. We just don’t have simple humour and “What I feel like doing” posts that much anymore. It is all super loaded and heavy ideas that we are concerning ourselves with. The common man is involved in all the debates about what is right and wrong. What could be fair and what is unfair. What should be justice and where the justice comes from. All ideas are just presented in front of us. Everything is changing. What is this change really bringing us to.

I feel these changes and plethora of ideas that are being presented all around us, especially the media including the internet is the birth pain of something coming up. We hear there is a giant awakening that is certainly coming up in this world – the Aquarian Age, as people say where people will start to wake up and a giant shift starts to come along. We are all preparing for this giant shift that is coming along. Interesting, that the shift that is happening is not something that is happening at a distance; but on a very personal level in our everyday lives.

I should say, I am thankful to live in these times where every man is passionate about his beliefs, ideas and what he feels is right. Idealism is certainly present in our attitudes and we are not too scared to speak our deepest feelings out. Let’s see how we all wake up now.

Can you hear the alarm clocks?

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