The Big and the Little

There was a time that I always wondered, doing big things alone is great. Anything small and personal is not at all relevant. If you are not doing anything big and too audacious, then something is missing. So, there is always a need of big projects, big ambitions, big articles, big ideas and everything big. The head should always be filled with the biggest of things. I should be moved only by the mountains. Not by the little flower that blooms.

What did change afterwards? Life turned in such a way that all the big just disappeared. The big did not just disappear in one shot. One by one, the big things started moving away. All the huge ambitions and the huge projects started to move out and the space was filled up by space and a few little things. Think of it like a vacuum that is filling up the space held by skyscrapers. There was no more the talk of big dreams – rather the silence and nothing else at all. And a few small things that take its place. Small personal things that come up. These were the ideas that seemed silly at first. But, started to become very interesting.

I believe there is a time in every educated man’s life, when the transition from the big and huge concerns move to the little things. Instead of thinking huge architecture, we are thinking what colour will be the ink of the next pen. Instead of wondering how much a 4 million funding of a startup would come up, we are thinking what it will cost to buy a new diary to just pen up some thoughts. At a younger age, that would seem like a waste of resources. But, the small things and the details do have a magic towards it.

Finally, we are not bothered by the big political thoughts or the technology revolutions that are taking place. It does not matter what is happening in the Western society or the Eastern areas. It does not matter what is the huge trend that is washing up the internet with. What matters is the very immediate, the very personal. What matters is more silence and the space.

What matters is what happens in the inside rather than what happens on the outside. And there is a lot that is happening inside. Later, even the insides start to calm down. That is the real magic that takes place. Nothing seems to matter too much at that point of time.

Ask me now, “What is up…”

I would say, “Nothing. Thank you…”

This is where the peace is. This is where the answer is. In the silence. In the little things. Knowing what is inside and how the inside behaves is much more potent than what happens outside.

After all the big is made up of the little.

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