True Power that Arises from Love

Love has an everlasting quality to itself. True Love is immortal. It does not know Age, Time or Gender. True Love does not want to possess anything. It does not control anything. Love is a natural flow of Nature. We still remember Jesus Christ, Buddha and Rama. But, we do not remember the “Powerful” Cruel Kings from those times. The Love that these Masters poured into the world was filled with so much potence. This Love will last till humanity lasts on this planet.


(Image Credit: karamsingh)

Love that Raises Man

Love that raises people is a very special kind of love. It does not hold any conditions. Beings on the receiving end of such love become fulfilled and powerful enough to raise others that come in contact with them. Material benefits from delivery of love is not considered at all. No material benefits can match the natural return of such love. But, love that we see in movies and novels come from a possessive place. We want to own the one that we love. Also, no one else should love the person that we love. Love that goes out to everyone is seen as almost perverted. One man can love only love one woman and vice versa. A man cannot say Love to another man, as that will be seen in a wrong light. Love between adults is considered in a sexual way. This is a very unfortunate state of affairs that the world has come to today.

Consider the Love that you may have for Sunrise. We do not want to own the Sunrise in any way. We do not wish to take the Sun home with us. Maybe we may take a photograph and frame it in our living room. But, the framed photograph has no quality as the real magic that takes place in the sky. Sunrise is fresh everytime. We never feel we have seen all kinds of sunrise that ever existed. A human who chooses to watch the Sunrise every single day has a particular quality about her/ him. Hundred years of watching the Sunrise daily still evokes more promise of freshness. That is the quality of Love. It is eternally fresh. We never get bored of Love. It is beyond the senses and intellect.

The Corrupted Power

Imagine a tyrant leader. Such a leader does not hold back in resorting to cruelty in order to exercise his power. History is full of such Kings and Nobles who ruled over people using an iron hand. Fear is the key ingredient of their rule. Such fear based rule cannot last forever. There will always be someone who is more powerful and more influential that may come to defeat such a King. Also, if the influence of the fearful King reduces due to economic or military reasons, people may choose to revolt and even execute that leader. Mostly history itself is rewritten to erase the memory of such a leader from long term memory.

Look at Mughal History and consider the memory of Akbar and Aurangzeb. Even though Aurangzeb had more power and better army, India remembers Akbar more fondly. India remembers Ashoka with a lot of respect after his actions post the Kalinga war. Today even Mahatma Gandhi has risen to the status of a truly inspiring leader all over the world due to his vision of love and nonviolence. A world that carries the after effects of terrorism and subjugation looks forward to the message of love and compassion from rich cultures such as India.  

Love that comes from Wisdom and Learning of Scriptures have a deeper quality to it. This love is beyond conditions and restrictions. There is Space in this love to grow and discover the Self. Love of this quality does not distinguish between good and bad. All of Nature recognises such Love. Look at Dogs and Cats at our homes. Look at trees and the ocean. Look at birds. This quality of love is very visible in them. There is great allowing to be yourself.

What is the quality of your love?