The Reasoning for Satsang Engagements

When we chase our desires and objects, we are prone to commit wrong actions. In order to keep ourselves free and safe, it is good to break free from attachments that do not serve our purpose. Association with beings who have reached the goals that we aspire for and of those who are guided by Realised Souls themselves will help us in our journey as well. This Association is called Satsang.


Mind’s Attachment Game

The reason behind our attachments is the Mind. The mind is responsible for Mukti or Attachments. What we prefer is a matter of choice. Do we want ultimate freedom, bliss and joy? Or do we want to be dragged along with attachments that rise from world associations? When we are attached to the body and senses, we develop deep attachment to our possessions and relationships. How often do we brood over our house, car, electronics and people in our lives? This is a never ending loop that leads to more despair.

Dissatisfaction is a chronic illness in the planet today. A child who has just start to think is also dissatisfied due to the influence of world on her/ him. We get so influenced by what we hear and see. A news item, an object or a word that we hear from a friend is enough to throw us into a loop of desperation and depression. We feel that success in attaining small momentary goals will yield us satisfaction. The chase never ends. Desire keeps rising. Once this grip of desire leaves us, our mind starts to become pure. Imagine a situation when you do not want anything. Imagine a moment when you are entirely comfortable with the moment. This is freedom.  

Time for Scriptures

Observing the mind constantly starts a thought cleansing process. We start to feel the lightness of mind then. A sense of peace and bliss starts to rise within us. Desires and Greed loosens its grip over us. This moment is the right moment to start scriptural study. Material like this website will appeal more when you are in that state. However, going directly to the sources such as Gita, Bhagavatam, Tirukkural, Atma Bodham and so on would be more powerful.  

The insights that are born with study and detachment formed so, results in deep devotion. This devotion lays the foundation for development of Mind to become a Superpower. Such a powerful mind will raise you from being an Individual Self to merging with the Supreme Self. Our surroundings and environment fail to evoke pleasure and pain now. We realise that our Self is capable of self illumination without any source from outside. Maybe this is what we call “enlightenment”,  the emergence of light within. Wisdom starts to bubble within us and we become intuitive in nature. This is a very blissful experience. We know what we need to do at each moment. The silence within the mind becomes a powerful beacon of direction. Trust, Belief and Faith become strong feelings rather than just concepts we force on ourselves. The Faith that arises now cannot fall apart through debates and intellectual exercises.

Inspiring Company of Great People

Scriptural study eventually leads a seeker to the company of great men and women. These are beings who tolerate wrongdoings of fellow beings and not prone to taking revenge for things that has been done to them. They do react in Dharmic manners and are not door bells that anyone can ring and leave. Yet, there is an attitude of mercy and consideration in matters of life. They are called “Sadhus” in Bhagavatam.

Sadhus are defined by their clean minds. They are fixed on the Supreme Being and not shaken by the daily events that shake ordinary men and women. They wish well for all beings in the universe and do not entertain enmity with anyone. Such beings who are Loving by nature have no difficulties that bother them. They are powerful enough to eliminate the ill effects of attachments to negative elements. So, befriend them. This company is true Satsang. Satsang is a powerful tool that leads to Moksha.