Rise of Peace Within

The Bhagavatam claims the most evolved humans do not hurt anyone or anything. They realise that the Body is not Atman. When this realisation do not happen within us, we differentiate between “You” and “I”. It is the differentiation we entertain from what is ours and not ours that results in hurting others. This differentiation is a result of ignorance.


The identification with our body and pride that arises within us due to this identification is Ego. From a very young age, we start to identify with our body. The first learning from the world is to identify yourself. Then comes the sense of possession. We learn to attain what is not ours and retain what we have attained. Here starts the troubles in life.

When Wisdom Blooms

When wisdom arises within us, we learn not to identify with the body. At this point, we realise we are the Atman. The Self is Atman. The attraction to external objects start to fall away. Desires start to reduce within us. Also the division between good and bad diminishes and drops away. We do not even care about attaining a human body or being born in animal bodies. All differences disappear.

A man who has transcended the clutches of ego do not get bound by human built concepts such as house, family and money. It is these concepts that build competition among human beings. We can see it in the society around us. The race to higher money, bigger houses, faster cars and brighter children continues till the very end. It is this competition that often defines us. We are known by the possessions we have. This is a very unfortunate state of affairs.

Atman and Body

The Atman is one, Body is many. Atman is the entity that covers the entire universe. Everything is a subset of that Atman. But Bodies are many. We see 6 Billion human bodies in the planet today. But, the Atman is one.

Atman is Pure. The body is made up of the elements Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements are bound to become dirty. Atman is Life itself. Without the influence of Atman, body is a dead object. We all know that Body has qualities. Some are big, some are strong, some are lean and so on. But, the Atman does not have any qualities. Atman is also complete. Nothing can be added to the Atman nor can anything be taken away from the Atman. But, the body is imperfect and incomplete.

Atman is everywhere and uncovered. The entire universe is present in the Atman. Space is a subset of Atman. But, bodies are limited and are covered with clothes and houses. Bodies have boundaries. Atman sees through the body’s eyes. Body is the object that is seen.

We can see that Atman is not an easy concept to understand. It is beyond understanding. But, there are beings who have realised the Atman. The realisation of the Atman is Self Realisation itself. This realisation releases a man from the challenges of the world. He is no longer bound by desires or comforts of the physical world. This is the stage when the mind gets cleansed. Anger, Lust and Greed will not affect such a person.It is here that Peace arises within ourselves.

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