Realising True Power of a Focussed Meditative Mind

We are disconnected beings. The fact that we do not realise the true nature of our Self, the Atman, is the root of all our troubles. Bliss and freedom is the result of the realisation and knowledge of our true Self.

Swami Sankaracharaya says Death is forgetting that we are the Atman in his work, Vivekachoodamani. When we forget our true essence, we stick to the untrue and start believing the untruth to be the truth. The concept that we are our body is the start of all this untrue fixations. The belief of body identification causes several concepts to arise in our mind. We start to lose control over the content of our thoughts. It is common experience for us to think thoughts one after the other like the waves in the ocean. We are just too powerless to stop the thoughts that come one after the other. With practice and disciplined effort, it is possible to control the content of our mind. Such control can result in supreme power and potency as Human Beings.  

Nature of Thoughts

Identification with our bodies causes thoughts to arise in us. These thoughts causes Desires. Desires results in Actions and Actions lead us to Vasanas. Scriptures say that Human Vasanas are carried across lifetimes. Take a look at our addictions and habits. Even with a strong intention to control certain tendencies within us, we are unable to contain them. These are due to powerful Vasanas within us. Vasanas can be compared to human pathways on a field. When people regularly follow a set path on a grass field, that emerges into a path where nothing grows. An intention to cover up that path requires a lot of effort in the future.

Field Path

Power of Sadhana and Meditation

Meditation is a lot of focussed disciplined action in training the mind. The whole process of engaging in meditation and related activities to control the mind and empowering it is called Sadhana. Sages like Ramana Maharishi talks about the technique of observing the mind and not participating with it in order to achieve mind control. This is quite a prolonged exercise. After dedicated practice, mind gets truly fixed in the Atman and steady unlike a flag that flutters in the wind with no intention of its own. This is called “Siddhi” or fulfilment.

In Indian Thought, real power is the power of a focussed mind that is not carried around by circumstances or surroundings. This is not an impossible feat to achieve as well. Artists in the “zone” or gamers in their top form experience this power of the mind. There is no doubt about performance at this stage. Consider a Football striker. Even when surrounded by four to five defenders in the box, an expert striker is capable of finding his way through them and shooting at the target. This is in fact a mind game. There is skill and technique involved. But, the presence of the mind and its focus is more important than skills that can be learned. Otherwise, every striker could have become a Ronaldo or Messi with training. But, there are only a handful of such players at any given time.

Learn the characteristics of a powerful mind. Learn to meditate well. Learn the power of Sadhana. See what the results show. This is pure magic.

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