Realising Joy in Nature of Our True Self

Do we experience true peace and bliss? The secret to eternal happiness is the realisation of the Self. Till there is a separation of ourselves from our true nature, we exist as Split Personalities with a lot of pressure from the world around us.


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There are things to remember, actions to coordinate and people to take care of. We are never really free. Saints and scriptures say that we are part of the universe and the manifestation of this entire universe in human form. There is no real separation between us and what is around us.

Everything is essentially a flow. Till we block this flow that is happening naturally, we will always be in fight with universe and nature. We are fighting the essential nature of ourselves. This fight can never be won. The only solution is to merge with the universe and let Nature act through us. Letting go is real success.

Beginning of Peace

Becoming conscious about our true selves helps in revealing peace. A disturbed mind is a sign that we are still not conscious of our true selves. We live in an illusion that we have created for ourselves. This illusion can be seen in the way we see ourselves. We are defined by our name, our career, our nationality, our family and so on. All these definitions are temporary. Our Name appeared out of chance, the area where we were born was not in our control and the Career that we happened to be in is a result of our backgrounds and people we met. But, we live to uphold these false attributes as the absolute truth. A political situation can change the boundaries of our Nation. An unfortunate event can cause us to separate from our families.


(Image Credit: European Southern Observatory)

The trouble starts with our not seeing ourselves as members of human race on Planet Earth in the Solar System. This planet is a part of Universe and exists in total harmony with universal laws. When we are only part of this planet, how can we act and live without the realisation of the universe ? The little worlds that we create around ourselves in the form of our jobs, our qualifications, friends and families disappear in the grand scheme of the universal relations. Imagine how Jupiter and Saturn would talk to each other? Will they be competing for promotion? Do Sun look at Mercury as someone who reports to him?

Break the Separation

When we are not conscious of our true selves, there is a separation perceived from our surroundings and the universe. When universal awareness dawns on us, the separation dissolves and we experience unity with the universe. Imagine trying to relate to a squirrel outside your window, or seeing yourself as being made of the same stuff as a hill. We belong to the universe and are part of universe. We are not separate from the universe. So, we are essentially everything – all that is around is all a part of us.

Seeing that there is no separation from the universe, the Self is revealed. The Self or the Atman is not a human form. It is the all encompassing nature, the universe itself. We are rather a human manifestation of that Self. The Universe and the Human Psyche is made of the same material. The society that we have created breaks the unity with the universe. We have created a grand illusion in the name of Human Civilisation and Prosperity. The systems that we have created and fight to sustain is creating problems for us. We never hear of a depressed tree or a dejected sparrow. These beings can feel the unity with the universe that is around us. But, our intellect and capacities are being utilised for small pursuits.

As waves, foam and bubbles are not different from water, so the universe emanating from Self is not different from Self. Even the smallest bubble of the sea is part of the ocean. It does not have a separate existence from the ocean. Similarly, we do not have a separation from the universe. We need not fight to find our place in the universe. We are as much a part of the universe as the stars and galaxies themselves.  Look closely at cloth, you see only threads. Look closely at creation, you see only Self.

Do not look at Self Realisation as something far away in some birth far away. Self Realisation is right here, right now. Let the universe act through you. See the stars and planets in you. See the whole creation in you. See yourself in the creation around you. It is only a looking that is needed here. It is really not that complex.

May you realise your Self!

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