Original – but non unique messages

I wonder what would be a great message. Internet is so full of messages; some good, some not so good, some original, some copied to the nth degree. So many messages. So, what good would be this message. How original would this message be? If an experience is really mine and I have been with that message for a long period of time, can that be called an original message?

What really is an original message? I feel a message that comes from within ourselves is original. The seeds of an original message may come from outside – from the world in general. It could come from people we meet, things we may have read, something that we saw on youtube, something that we dreamed about. Messages are coming to us from everywhere that we cannot even say where that started. Sometimes, the same message comes to us from different places. But, the message that really touches us and resonates within ourselves can be called an original message maybe.

If a message really voices within you and you stay with that message for a few days, it could turn into an original one. But is that unique? That is a question to ask. Is an original message always unique? It is quite something to ask. Is an original message always unique? That need not be the case.

What do you think? Can a non – unique message be original? I feel yes.

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