Magic and Mystery in our everyday art

There sure is wisdom on the street and in the everyday things that we see around us. Cannot deny the presence of great wisdom in the popular culture among us. After all if someone can create the popular culture items (the music, the movies, the memes and all the trolls), that creation must have an element of inspiration behind it. Inspiration (I believe) comes from divine.

Earth, sky and everything around is energy. It is mystical, magical. So, we staying on this magical planet is again a magical thing. So many people call us Star dust. Meaning, we are made of the same materials that the giant stars are made of. S0, how can we be anything less that divine, if I may use that word in this context. When we create art or science, this magic and mystery will flow over into our creation as well. So, popular art and culture may again be a result of this magical intervention.

In this day and age, where we consider only the rational and practical to be “true”, how much weight are we ready to give wisdom from magic and mystery? Still, magic and mystery packaged in music and movies is fine with us. The creators of this magic cleverly hid the magic under the special effects and beats that they covered their core messages with.

Go hunt for the core messages in your blockbuster movies and hit songs. What do you think Michael Jackson or A R Rahman is trying to tell us. What lies behind the mask of movies by Spielberg or Yash Chopra. Be willing to dig a little deeper than what is really apparent on the surface. See some magic that comes there?

What do you feel? Have you been tricked by the magicians who hid their mystery behind the glamour and beats? Think about it….

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