How do you know your Personal Purpose?

We have a Personal Life Purpose and a Mission at hand. It is for fulfilling this mission that we manifested in Human Form. It is a shame that most of us pass life without realising our life purpose and are forced to pass through this lifetime and many that follow chasing that purpose.

Man with a purpose

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The identification of our life purpose aligns our life with the path of the universal energy. A universally aligned life is much easier to experience as questions such as “Why do these issues happen to me?” cease to exist.

Two Paths to Purpose

Bhagavad Gita talks of two paths of reaching our purpose – Sankhya Yoga (Insightful Knowledge) and Karma Yoga (Dutiful Action). People are made with different tendencies. Indian Thought identifies these tendencies and prescribe routes suitable to the right seekers. Some are good with knowledge and understanding. They seek out the route of learning. Others are more application oriented and need things to do with their hands. Compare this to the Dharma of the Brahmin and of the Kshatriya.

Scriptures say a man becomes a Brahmin or Kshatriya not by birth, but by duty. Brahmins are naturally drawn towards learning, interpretation and analysis. They produce theses and discussions on various concepts around us. A Kshatriya is bound by action and duty. They are seen applying the knowledge crystallised by the Brahmins, creating objects and maintaining them. Both these types of people are necessary in the world.

Similarity of Purposes

Even though the Path of Knowledge and that of Action seems different on the surface, both these routes eventually point to the same goal of finding our life purpose. Karma Yoga (path of action) helps in cleansing our mind, which later evolves to take up Sankhya Yoga (path of knowledge).

This evolution from action to knowledge is visible in the world around us. Look at Politics, Business, Corporate, Entertainment, Sports or any other field. People first take up roles that involve a lot of action and duty. It is through action that they start to learn things deeply. With time and experience, people slowly gain insights into the industry or the field that they are in and are promoted to leadership roles. As leaders, they enhance people through the knowledge that they have gained. Great leaders are great visionaries who have gained their vision through action on the ground.

Compare mind to a kitchen utensil. After every use, the utensil becomes unclean. A utensil that is constantly in use for days together develops thick dirt that needs to be removed with a lot of effort. Karma or Duty is the mechanism of cleaning up this utensil of mind. Look at our mind when we are busy with work. The duties and goals make us forget our troubles and tensions. These troubles and doubts in the mind are things that clog its working. An unclean mind that is troubled with thoughts that come one after the other will never be able to sense the way ahead. We can see this focus in soldiers at war. They are not worried about troubles back home during action. Intense focus and concentration is required here in direct line of fire.

Clean Mind – Meditative Mind

The mind that is cleansed with action is ready for knowledge. This knowledge does not come from books or people. Instead it comes as insight from within during meditation. The highest form of knowledge is one that bubbles from within. It is pure joy to realise this knowledge. It eventually leads us to knowing why we are here, what is our duty to the society, planet and universe at large and hence what is our life purpose.

Meditation is an exercise of silence. A grand awareness starts to occur to us when we focus on no thoughts, no feelings and just empty space. The insights that arise from such a space could be occurring to us as direct messages from the Universe, Nature, God or Brahman whichever way we like to define it. These messages are direct pointers to the reason of our human existence this time in this body.

Chosen Ones with Purpose

The beings with clarity of purpose and reason for existence could be called as the Chosen Ones. They are not stopped by the events around them, political situations, money available, quality of fame or any such parameters of the world. No one outside told them about their purpose. No activity or action around them determines their level of happiness or motivation. With clear intentions and clear connection with the nature and universe, they act their life out with total beauty.

How connected are you with your inner self? Are you already on your life mission?

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