Desire: That which Blocks Self Realisation

The world that we see around us and the heaven that we hear about, have limited comforts and things that can satisfy us. The Worldly and Heavenly objects do not last forever and keep supplying us with things that we wish for. However, our desires never stop. Bhagavatam says the one who seeks to realise the Atman must move beyond his desires. But the fight with desire that arises within us is the biggest war every Man should undertake in his Human manifestation on Earth.


Have Everything. Still Need More

Imagine you are the richest man in the world. You have more money that anyone else on this planet. You have more land and property as compared to anyone. The cars you drive are the best that technology has created. You have the most talented and obedient servants and staff to fulfil your needs. Still, as a worldly human being, you will not be satisfied. Your mind will ask for even more.

Look at our planet today. The richest 1% still needs much more than what they have taken. For individual comfort and glory, they are ready to push the rest of the world to poverty and war. Most people are rather slaves to these ultra rich families and individuals who control the finance, media and governments of the world. We are born into their monetary networks and work out lives satisfying their needs. Thanks to the spread of internet, we come across many details regarding the corporate scandals and government corruption that has been taking place for centuries. But, it is only naturally human that these super rich still wants more.

Objects and Experiences cannot Satisfy us

We believe that experiences and objects would satisfy our desires and wants. If one woman does not satisfy a man, he seeks out more women. But even after lusting around with hundreds of women, we still see crazed out men falling for the pleasure of skin and flesh. Had more experiences satisfied them, they would have stopped after a while. Same with land and houses as well. We have people with more than 50 houses still buying more and not seeming to get satisfied with all the property.

It is an honour these days to claim you are a collector of expensive goods. There are people who hoard cars, paintings and other objects who become very restless and unhappy taking stock of their collection and always wanting more. Even old age does not reduce desire in us. Wisdom is very rare and difficult to arise within men. People feel wisdom might bloom with experience. Scriptures say that need not be the case. The oil of objects will keep the fire of desire alive forever. More oil (more objects) keeps the fire (desire) burning forever. Think what could help address the rising desire.

Advice for Men regarding Women

Texts like Bhagavatam do not shy away from being blatant about the biology between men and women. Men are genetically made to desire women. Sexual attraction is natural. But, those who wish to rise to a higher level of realisation and wisdom must be careful about letting their desire unchecked. It is advised to be careful regarding interactions with women. The same Bhagavatam which sings about the 16,008 wives of Lord Krishna warns the common man about the dangers of women.

We have seen many great men of the past in the highest of positions in the most liberal of nations being shamed publicly for being careless with women. Even though it is natural for alpha males to mate several women, a lot of care is still advised. The most Alpha among Men is the one who can exercise restraint and walk away from sexual interaction as it needs a lot of mental power and strength of will. Look at Lakshman, Ram and Hanuman, who either stayed loyal to their one woman or kept the vow of celibacy in spite of being Super Alpha Men. Compare them with the common man who is fighting desire day in and out.

Indifference between Good and Bad

We experience several feelings from nature. It is common to label these experiences good and bad. However, a true human does not differentiate so. The detachment from what is acceptable to us and what is not is the initial step towards realising the Atman. The true Self within us do not judge. It does not differentiate between the person being wealthy or not. It does not differentiate between happy and sad. The Self or the Atman is a constant state of being expressing itself as the truest essence of life force itself.

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