Beauty of a Realised Yogi

The Ashtavakra Gita mentions the qualities of a Self Realised one. The Self Realised person knows that he is not different from the Universe itself. The person is a manifestation of the Universe. In poetic language of the Pop Culture, Artists have sang, “We are Stardust. We are Golden”. The very substance that forms Stars and Planets is the substance that creates us as well. So, we are one with all that is around us. This creates a sense of unity with every creation – living and nonliving.

Substance of the Universe

According to Indian Scriptures, the first element is Space. Modern science considers space as “Nothingness”. But, it is out of this nothingness that something manifested. From Nothing formed Energy or the Big Bang. Matter and Energy are related to each other, as Einstein has proved to us.

Scriptures say that Space transformed into Air. Physically, air composes of scattered molecules at great distances from one another. These molecules reacted with each other to form Fire (electric charges). From Fire, Water (Liquids) was formed. We know how hydrogen and oxygen combines to form water in the presence of electric charge. Water (Liquids) condensed to form solids. Earth is one such solid that formed in the universe. Gradually life took form in this planet and we are part of this life manifestation. So, by exercising logic, it can be inferred that we are not that different from universe itself. Going one step ahead, if all human beings and other life forms have formed from the same universe, how can we be different from each other. We are all one. How can we fight with one another after realising the essential oneness with everything?

Realised Yogi

A yogi who understands the oneness with the universe also participates in life. He is not very different from the rest of us, who are carried with the ups and downs in the flow of life. Yet, he is special. The yogi truly understands the world and life. He may not be that educated to speak of theories and sciences of the material world or recite religious books from cover to cover. Yet, he will be able to interpret the deepest meaning present in our scientific and religious wisdom through experience and insight.

It is common for us to get happy, sad, excited, depressed, elated and dejected with events that happen around us. Our insides are controlled by what happens around us. A yogi realises that his happiness is totally dependent on him. Things and events cannot change the state of bliss within a yogi. Blame him for stealing or Praise him for winning, the yogi remains the same. Give him a gift of  few Million Dollars or throw him in Jail, the yogi remains the same.

The best example of Yogi that all of us can relate to is Lord Krishna. In spite of creating the Kingdom of Dwarka, he had no difficulty in giving his Army to Kauravas and teaming up with Pandavas as a Charioteer to Arjuna. Who else can part with his Product (the Narayani Army of Dwarka) and be a mere witness to events around him?

State of Bliss Within

Most human beings work to be happy. Our pursuit of wealth, positions and relationships is in hope of happiness that results with achievement. But, these pursuits can turn good or bad. The results are never under our control. It is said that even Indra in Heaven is pursuing happiness and comforts of the highest order. Yet, Indra is often tensed about losing his wealth and possessions to Asuras and Rishis. So, comforts and luxuries are not capable of delivering true happiness and bliss.

A look at our tendencies and industries of the present day will show us how much we value luxuries. The latest cars, digital technology, real estate trends and experiences purchased with money are all based on comforts. Many pursue higher education also for comforts today rather than to learn a subject out of love for concepts. Our forefathers who never had these comforts were happier and satisfied than we have ever been.

A yogi is truly happy within. They may not express that happiness through laughter or excitement. But, good and bad does not affect them just like cloud or smoke does not affect the sky. Today the sky may be cloudy and tomorrow it may become clear. But, the sky is not affected by clouds or smoke. It remains the same.

How can we stay as the sky?

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