Just some wisdom from an Indian guy

This blog was born with serious intentions. But, now I wish to tone it down a little bit and maybe kill it a little too.

Years have passed in this lifetime of mine when I stand in the threshold of being 35 years old. It is nice to know that 21 was a long time ago. So, what really do I have at this point of time in front of me? What do I really have when I look at these many years of existence? That is all that I really wish to explore in this blog.

Looks like at this stage of time in my life, I am really just coming down a full circle. Last 14 years have taken me through different places, different times and different circumstances. I have gone from good, bad, ugly and now feels a little grounded all of a sudden. So, is this time to think of something like giving back to the people that really are around me?

I have a friend who is going through the pains that I was going through, when I was 23. He is 23 now. I cannot say a thing to him. Kid is just a bull that he wont listen to one word of advice. Which kid listened to words of advice anyways? Even if the kid is surrounded by the best advice any time could provide in history.

I dedicate this blog to all the lost ones and all the found ones. See if you find something that you may like. See if you may see something interesting in this world that is around you? All the wisdom that we ever needed has been said before. My forefathers have left loads of wisdom for the next generations. Same with any forefathers in this world. We are also going to be forefathers to some generation that would come later.

This is just an effort. This is just a simple effort to put some words of wisdom that I may have gone through. I say I am heavily influenced by many things that have gone before me. Used to see it very lightly. But, when I look at things in some other perspective, a lot starts to make sense as well.

Let this just be some wisdom from an Indian guy.

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