15 Hells described in Bhagavatam

Srimad Bhagavatam discusses several different kinds of Hell in the 5th Skanda, Chapter 26. It is interesting to look deeper into the causes of these hell experiences. This chapter drops many clues on morality and code of living.


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Kalapasa: One who steals and takes away the wealth, children and wife of another person reaches the Kalapasa Hell.

Anthatasmisra: One who cheats a person to take away his wife and wealth reaches this particular Hell.

Raurava: One who thinks “I am this body. My wife and children belongs to me” and hurts other life forms to sustain his family reaches the Raurava Hell.

Mahagaurava: One who kills other animals to sustain himself reaches the Mahagaurava Hell. This reference has direct implications to following a vegetarian diet.

Kalasutra: One who hurts Parents, Brahmins and Brahma Jnanis (knowers of the ultimate truth) reaches the Kalasutra Hell.

Asipatravana: One who deviates from the path recommended by the Vedas and follows the route of No Dharma reaches this Hell.

Sukaramoola: A King or a Noble being who punishes a person unjustly reaches this Hell.

Andhakoopa: One who hurts God’s creation like flies, ants, mosquitoes, bugs and so on reaches the Andhakoopa Hell. This shows that all life forms deserve to live with respect, no matter what form they take up. A mosquito lives on blood. It deserves to complete its lifetime. The scriptures warn against killing even a mosquito.

Krimibhojana: One who does not share his food or consumes his meal without first offering it to the supreme reaches here.

Sandhansham: One who steals or snatches Gold and precious stones from another person reaches this hell.

A man who approaches a woman who should not be approached and vice versa, both that man and woman reaches hell.

A man who mixes with several woman and performs sexual activities with all of them also deserves experiences from hell.

Vaitharini: A King or a Noble being born of a good family, who performs activities outside his Dharma reaches this hell.

Pooyodam: A man who considers his lady servants like his wives and has no concern for purity or right conduct reaches here.

Vairasa: A man who performs yajnas and yagas without knowing the right principles behind these karmas, just to earn the approval and respect of people reaches this hell.   

There are several other sorts of hell experiences and the punishment delivered at these places in the scripture. These experiences serve as reminders for right conduct and means of life. Heaven and Hell are states of mind. A person who resorts to unlawful actions experience the results in his/ her mind itself. A disturbed and depressed mind is the most disgusting hell experience one can have.

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